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Some of the more Asked about Questions on Bulk DVD / CD Replication & packaging

Q. What is the quality of the DVD copies?

A. The copies will be exact replicas of your original disk. Our state-of-the-art system scans each copy against an original and automatically rejects disks with errors or flaws. Your disks will be 99.9999% perfect.

Q. Does the price include labels or printing on the disc?

A. Custom printing is included on every DVD and CD. You can choose from a photo or any other graphic. Clients can supply their own artwork and we'll offset print it, directly onto the disk.

Q. How long will it take for you to produce our DVDs?

This depends on the size of your order. A straightforward DVD Replication or CD Replication order for 20 000 to 50 000 disks will normally be turned around in 5-8 days from the date approval of artwork, the master and payment has been received. Please ask your Account Manager to confirm delivery for larger orders (from 50 000 to 5 000 000 plus).
NB: Packaging of items may take longer.

We will advise a timescale estimate for each particular job, at the time of quote. If you have a definite deadline for a job, please let us know in advance, so we can meet it.

Q.Do you 'Region Code' the disks?

The Region Code is set during the authoring of the DVD – we cannot change the region coding of your master. If the author set the DVD Region Code to ‘0’, it will play in all regions.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

Our usual terms of business is payment with order. We only accept credit/debit cards from government agencies, and additional charges wil be passed on. We accept TT, Bank Deposit, postal orders, Pay Pal (in some cirmstances), cash or other bank transfers. If your order is over $USD 15 000 we can consider a Letter of Credit Terms. Regular clients can apply for an account.

Cardboard Wallet and Disc 2
Type: Cardboard Wallet 2
JOB: #Cardboard Wallet Disc2
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Minimum Order: 25,000
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Cardboard Wallet and Disc
Type: Cardboard Wallet
JOB: #Cardboard Wallet & Disc
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Minimum Order: 25,000
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Carona Plastic Wallet
Type: Plastic Wallet
JOB: # Carona Plastic Wallet & Disk
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Minimum Order: 25,000
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DVD Postcard Mailer
Type: DVD Postcard Mailer & Disk
JOB: #DVD Postcard Mailer
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Minimum Order: 25,000
Your Online Price: Enquire

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Blankshop replication services are of premium quality as according to the company’s quality control , We pride our selves for keeping our customers satisfied. Our Company representitives work hard on creating a professional relationship and delivering our product to your door on time. All quotes produced will have been approved approved by the Customer administration senior and discounts applied according to you subscriber status before being made available to you and your Company. We also constantly hold tool box meetings for our Company Reps so that they would be able to help in every step of the products progress and delivery Our Goal is to Beat all lead times given.

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