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China DVD Duplication

Welcome to the Chinas price leader in the area of Bulk CD Duplication, Bulk DVD Duplication DVD replication, CD Replication, Custom Blank CD-R and Custom Blank DVD-R Media.

We present our valued customers quick delivery (Worldwide) on Blank Media, CD duplication and DVD Duplication services at super prices! DVD replication China

Our quantities start at as low as 50 000 units:

Current Web Specials From China: USD

Bulk CD copying : QTY : 50 000 CDS Only USD 16 cents
Bulk DVD copying: QTY: 50 000 DVDS Only USD 26 cents

Bulk CD Duplication : QTY : 100 000 CDS Only USD 15 cents
Bulk DVD Duplication : QTY : 100 000 DVDS Only USD 25 cents

cd in Hand stack of pressed dics

The quality of the above offer is suburb , it is on Commercial factory pressed CDs and DVDs with a full colour (photo quality ) offset print on the disk and we GURANTEE 99.9999% error free . You can be sure that the quality is equalivlant to the best in the industry.

We offer discounted wholesale prices direct to you .

Free Setup and the Best Price in The World Guaranteed !!!

If you can present us a written quote, on Bulk CD and DVD duplication or replication from any company in the world and the prices are lower than ours on comparable quality product , please let us know and we will make you a better offer . A note for when you compare . Your product produced in a facility your product is produced in a facility that is compliant with ISO9001 and ISO14001 regulations which are international quality standards . We can also supply product to the standard of the DVD Forum which sets the major international quality standard for DVD and CD Manufacturing. Many of our competitors may have unseen costs such as glass master fees. Our prices incorporate all these prices Pressing the CDs and DVDS and FULL-COLOR hi resolution printing on the disk not just one color, two colors, or Three colour, but FULL-COLOR.

We have absolutely no hidden costs at all except for delivery .

Please phone us now call: + 64 6 7511163 if you have any questions or would like to make enquiries on how to order.

Note: The correct name for Bulk Disc Duplication is CD replication and DVD replication.

Business-related DVD's are Duplicated in bulk by means of a master. Bulk quantities over 100 000 unit are rarely produced by the process of DVD Duplication China . The two types this can be done in is DVD-ROM (data form) or DVD-Video (Movie form). Various formats of data, audio and video can be stored on a DVD Disc.
Rather than being burnt by a DVD burner, DVD replication or mastering is the process whereby lands and pits of a mastered DVD are molded into the DVD.The glass mastering has to be done in a Class 100 clean room to prevent pollen, dust, hair or other contaminants form damaging the master.

While the glass mastering is done a glass substrate is used to hold the glass master.

A glass substrate is underlying layers of glass which are circular plates of glass roughly 6mm thick and 240 mm in diameter. One side is refined until it is very smooth. The extra surface area on the underlying glass layer allows for better handling of the glass master and prevents marking or scratching to the pit structure when the Father stamper is separated from the glass substrate. The glass master is cleaned with solvents then placed on a spinner that spins the glass and rinses it .

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Blankshop replication services are of premium quality as according to the company’s quality control , We pride our selves for keeping our customers satisfied. Our Company representitives work hard on creating a professional relationship and delivering our product to your door on time. All quotes produced will have been approved approved by the Customer administration senior and discounts applied according to you subscriber status before being made available to you and your Company. We also constantly hold tool box meetings for our Company Reps so that they would be able to help in every step of the products progress and delivery Our Goal is to Beat all lead times given.

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